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It's been a little over a year since Pepper Raccoon launched, and we've grown really quickly. I've sent 500+ parcels all around the world, from Singapore to Finland to Spain to Mexico! From pins to patches, leggings to beanies, it's been really empowering and encouraging to see folks wearing my designs. Thank you.

And as for the future: we've redesigned and relaunched, and I'm excited to share some great news with you about current and upcoming developments with Pepper Raccoon.

Up until now, my pins have mostly been limited edition, meaning I don't reorder once they sell out. However, some of the designs that I've sold in previous months have had the majority go to wholesale retailer orders, which isn't fair to those of you who shop on my store.

I'm going to be ordering more pins per shipment, but also, if a pin does sell out really quickly, I will consider doing a restock. If you feel like you missed out, please let me know!

We are now have two New Zealand stockists, Matchbox Studios and Wild Fennel Co! You can check them out at the link here.

Possibly even more crazy and exciting, I now have a well-known US retailer stocking my pins! Gimme Flair has Pepper Raccoon pins in stock, and you can get your pin fix from them at a better shipping rate if you live internationally. (See below about our plans to fix our international shipping rate)

These new retailers mean my supplies are a bit low, since I've sent off large shipments to a couple of places. I'll be making sure to stock enough of each design in the future to meet demand!

Our international shipping rates are currently constrained by NZ Post's rates, as New Zealand does not offer great selection in terms of shipping options. However, this means our parcels are expensive to ship and that's not really OK with me.

So, the plan is now to use a US-based warehouse and fulfillment center to fulfill international orders beyond NZ and Australia. This means we'll be able to lower the average int'l shipping rate by 50%. Awesome! This will become available in the next few months once I've had a chance to restock my store.

The News section you're reading now is going to feature artwork, new designs, and profiles of other makers and New Zealand women artists. I'm looking forward to forming more collaborations with local makers and creatives over the coming months! Check in from time to time to see what's going on.

Thanks for supporting Pepper Raccoon, and thanks for checking out the new site!

Love, Pepper