Pepper Raccoon


Learn more about Pepper Raccoon and the history of her business creating enamel pins, patches, and more.


I'm a slightly feral nature & food illustrator from the Far North. Specialising in wild beasts and tasty eats, I also produce sassy pins, salty stickers, edgy patches, and fine art prints. My mediums include watercolour, ink, and digital formats. I also works as a branding designer, illustrator, and graphic facilitator across a wide variety of clients in New Zealand and abroad.

My partner Peter and I are also avid gardeners and environmentalists, working towards a goal of transforming our formerly pastoral block of land into a productive and integrated permaculture property that will feed both us and the native wildlife that surrounds us. When you buy anything from Pepper Raccoon, that's where the money is going (besides into making more cool stuff).

Thank you for supporting my artwork, and my future endeavours as a land steward.


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