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All of our pins are limited runs that may be restocked based on popularity.
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SECONDS: Out For Blood Deluxe Glitter Pin

SECONDS: Out For Blood Deluxe Glitter Pin

from 4.00

Seconds are pins with very small flaws like glitter in the wrong spot, small paint misplacements, etc. Grab one for a bargain! 

B-Grade: Small amount of glitter out of place (2-3 particles), minor paint issue.

C-Grade: Slightly more obvious paint issue, more glitter (3+ particles) out of place.

Get your vampy red lips on with this bloodthirsty pin, coated in luxurious ruby red glitter and sealed for with a generous gloss coat. This is a premium soft enamel pin with deluxe locking clutches. 

  • Soft enamel
  • Ultra-black metal
  • Gold deluxe clutch, twin post
  • 35mm wide


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